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4 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Dress, Quickly!


4 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Dress, Quickly!

Parents always reminisce the days when waking up, getting dressed and arriving on time was a pleasure. The reality is that you are now always late and stuck with a blue Monday, which turns out to be a blue every day of the week… I have compiled a few tips and tricks to try and create a more pleasurable also known as a tolerable morning for you and your toddler.

Every toddler tries to create a platform where they assert themselves, seeing as this is the only place where they can have some say in what is going on. Yet, often you get stuck where “I will tie my shoes myself” becomes you screaming “Put on your shoes now!” 45 min later… Instead of opening a window of opportunity for them to grab control where they want, create a situation where you can still be in control but it seems to them that they are.

The Play of Misconception

Give them an option between two t-shirt to put on. For your toddler it appears as if you are giving them the opportunity to choose what they are going to wear. The truth of the matter is that you sneaked into the room the night before and carefully selected a pre-planned outfit. All the way from knickers to a tee and in an effort to minimise the morning drama, pulled out an alternative t-shirt for them to then choose in the morning. This may seem like a simple task, but believe me has worked numerous times before. This play can also be referred to as the alternative choice!

We all know the attention span of a 2 year old, however often better than your spouse, this can easily play into your hands. There is nothing worse than waking up on an early winter’s morning to be told to get out of your warm pj’s and into a pair of ice-cold jeans. This easily leads to a tantrum, in turn making you crazy and ultimately leading to a disastrous morning. Use that 2 min attention span as the ideal


The Play of Distraction

Instead of “I need you out of your pj’s this instant, we are going to be late”, with a quick sleight of hand, change it to “quickly hold your plane while I put on your jeans”. This will quickly move them away from being irritable to excitement as they are able to play while getting dressed. Might not be the easiest way to tie sneakers, but it will hopefully keep them occupied long enough for you to actually get them dressed. With a little bit of patience it can be done!

Most of us set an alarm so that we can simply snooze it for 10 min before we actually have to wake up; and then snooze it 3 more times before even considering taking action. Yet our toddlers have to be rise and shine the very same instant! We often forget that even though they are young and full of energy, they also need time to wake up. Unless you want to unleash a storm that will take hours to pass, make sure you wake the hibernating toddler with proper technique.

The Cuddle up Play

There is a popular belief that if we cuddle up with our toddler 5 min before they actually have to get up, we can avoid a lot of the morning drama. This play will benefit to you and your toddler. It allows for bonding time, which is so desperately needed in our lives today as everything is a rush and done according to a deadline and for your toddler it gives much needed waking-up time so that they can start the day in the right way.

Considering all the tips and tricks above one might still have to take the last play into action.

The Tortoise & the Hare Play

This is a very fun last resort. In order to be on time in the mornings you have built in a fool proof plan (or so you think) of setting the alarm 15min earlier to be able to get things done on time. But your toddler is determined to effortlessly outsmart you and delay the morning routine even further. The only solution is to then make it a race. Quickly pull of your shirt and untie your shoes, run into your toddlers room and enthusiastically say “quickly, quickly… it’s a race … are you the tortoise of the hare”. Make sure you get dressed with enough speed to make it race, but slow enough for them to win. This is a sure way of getting out the door on time. There is nothing better than making daunting tasks a game, this can make life easier for both you and your kick ass kiddy!

Is there are any other plays we should know about?

Please add it to our comment section below, we can’t wait to hear from all you supper parents!

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