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About {Kid} Got Style

{Kid} Got Style was formed due to the sequence of frustrations triggered by the difficulties of finding awesome baby clothes online.

The company was established by soon to be parents struggling to find stylish baby onesies & shirts locally. There is nothing worse than walking into major retailers to buy cool baby clothes. You will usually find you have one of two options, either you need to take a second mortgage on your home, or you have to settle for kindergarten design work. Although your kiddy is too small to know the difference, this does not mean you should let your little canvas walk around in sub-par couture…

Any parent will tell you that there is no feeling to match finding out you are expecting your first child. The emotions, you experience, can’t be explained in words. Parents soon realise that they want to have only the best for their child, even if he/she is not even born yet. The first time you walk into a clothing store, you will quickly realise to have a stylish kid seems unsustainable. Why pay 100’s of rands for an item that will only be worn for a couple of months? Exactly our thoughts…

When we started looking for designer baby clothes, we realised awesome baby clothes often cost more than their adult counterparts. It’s shocking to know that even though it costs a fraction of the cost to manufacture awesome baby clothes, the major players still charge a premium amount for cool baby clothes.

Due to our never ending struggles, we decided to start a brand that resembles everything we want our kid to look like. We scoured the nation for the best designers and manufacturer’s money could buy. We had meeting upon meeting. We wanted to find the best ways to give our clients affordable baby clothes; that do not cost an arm and a leg. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, {Kid} Got Style was born.

Our vision is to offer the public cool baby onesies, bibs and T-shirts that are affordable, yet awesome. We try our best to deign items that are unique and expressive. We do not believe that babies must be limited to baby designs. Some of our items can be directly translated to any age group. Our baby clothes offer parents the opportunity to have a stylish kid at a fraction of the cost.

All our baby garments are 100% cotton. We want to make sure that your baby has the softest materials on their delicate skin. It’s extremely difficult to beat the heavenly softness and breath-ability of 100% cotton. While other materials might last longer, 100% cotton baby clothes become softer with age. By the time the garment starts to fade, your little giant will have outgrown the item. Last but not least, 100% cotton kids clothes are easier to clean and thus make it perfect for babies and toddlers.

All our items are thoroughly checked for flaws. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our kick ass baby clothes. Even though we are mostly an online retailer, all our items are still hand checked to ensure perfection. We do not mass produce items, each item in our store is made by hand. We manufacture our all our awesome baby items in Cape Town, South-Africa.

We strive to bring our clients the best possible service. We will do our best to ship your item within 24 hours. Although we do not have any control on shipping delays, we will do our best to get the item in transit as soon as possible. Nobody wants to wait weeks for awesome baby clothes… Babies grow like bamboo!

If you LOVE our brand, please share our store and items on social media. Every share can take us one step closer to becoming a household brand. Help your friends find unique & stylish toddler T-shirts and baby onesies. We pledge to keep our designs awesome and our prices low. Everybody deserves to have an awesome baby or toddler.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story. We are just beginning our journey… Thanks for being a part of it…

Sune Marais


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