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Baby Clothes by {Kid}GotStyle


Baby Clothes by {Kid}GotStyle

Even before baby is born, parents start looking for baby clothes. They look online and in stores. If it’s not stressful enough that a baby is on the way, soon to be parents have the pressure of buying the coolest items in town. I mean it always seems like other parents have cooler baby clothes than you. If they shopped with us, this would be true. At {Kid}GotStyle, we have made finding the best baby clothes online in South Africa easy. Getting baby clothes have never been easier. We have everything you need. On this page, we will look at some of the items we have available.

100% Cotton Baby Clothes

Our items are manufactured in Cape Town. Our manufacturers use nothing but the best fabrics. We pride ourself on the quality of our garments. Your baby will love you forever. Apparently wearing our cotton baby clothes feels like wearing a cloud of cotton wool. So let’s look at our company and why you should use us.

Firstly, every stylish baby needs awesome onesies. This is why we have 100’s of amazing designs. Our designs are not you every day run of the mill designs. We have designs that would make adult t-shirts look lame. We have some of the most outrages and coolest designs you will ever see. We believe that babies should have kick ass items. We are tired of seeing the same items and designs over and over again.

We have taken it a step further. Our baby clothes can be personalised. That’s right, you get to make your own designs. This means you can create the best baby shower gifts in South Africa. Better yet, it gets delivered to your door. We deliver nationwide for as little as R50. We also have free shipping on all orders over R500. Our baby clothes ship super-fast. In JHB, most orders will be delivered on the same day. We have sent out orders in a couple of hours. Nationally, most orders are delivered within 2 days. Right to your door.

Our Baby Clothes Packaging

Secondly, our packaging is unique in many ways. We print the babies name on the actual package. What does this mean for you you might ask. Well, you don’t have to buy wrapping paper. Our package is so amazing it can be handed directly to the recipient without any effort.

Lastly, our items are NOT expensive. We want everybody to enjoy our gear. We love what we do and sell our items at affordable rates. We are a new baby clothes company and need to get our name out there. We sell to a small niche market. Not everybody loves world class items. Just kidding, everybody loves our baby clothes.

Various Baby Clothes Items

We have a wide range of baby clothes available. We have standard printed bibs, triangular bibs, scarfs, long & short sleeve onesies. You can almost put together an entire outfit. We are always looking to increase our baby clothing range.


Visit our online shop now for a list of our items. We constantly improve our designs. We update regularly so please check back soon.

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