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Care Labels & Fabric

Care Labels & Kid’s Clothing Fabrics

When it comes to babies & children, you need to make sure you use quality and soft materials. There are a lot of positives for using 100% cotton when it comes to using it for the little ones. There is no blended fabric that has the breath-ability and softness of 100% cotton. The fabric’s breath-ability helps keep your bambino cool on the hot summer days, and it dry during cold winter days. This really makes 100% cotton the most ideal fabric for wash-and-wear baby & toddler clothing. Any parent knows that one of the hardest things are to keep your offspring clean, luckily 100% cotton clothes are really easy to clean. Our lives have become so busy that cotton baby clothes can become a lifesaver, as it is also wrinkle-resistant. There is nothing better than dressing your child to perfection, unfortunately if your couture is wrinkled, it can spoil the fun…

Your deserving “little you” has tender and soft skin. Therefore, they need clothing made of fabric that is more suitable for their skin. You want your baby’s bottom to stay as soft as a baby’s bottom. This is where one of the biggest benefits of 100% cotton baby & toddler clothing comes to save the day. It is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant which will help with any possible allergies. Cotton also increases in softness with age, which makes it very comfortable for infants, babies and toddlers to wear all the time. Unlike other blended fabrics, it will become more comfortable with time…

An interesting fact for the eco bunnies, 100% cotton clothes are biodegradable! Take that hipster community! SOLD!

Our awesome kid’s clothing are made from natural plant fibre, making it very durable. You should always remember to follow the correct washing instructions otherwise your awesome kid’s clothing will no longer be awesome…

There are a few important things to note with 100% cotton kid’s clothing. Your smart baby t-shirts & onesies can shrink when placed in a dryer, air dry them instead. Always remember to never ever use bleach! Not only will it ruin your beautiful print, but it will also cause sensitivity and skin reaction for the sluggers.

In order to make sure your child’s clothing remain in mint condition, stick to these washing instructions:

40 °C: The garments can be warm machine washed. The initial water temperature should not exceed 40 °C. Boiling water is for coffee, not stylish kid’s clothing.

Do not bleach: Cotton should not be bleached; it is not structurally able to withstand the chemical. Bleach is for teeth whitening, not stylish kid’s clothing.

Do not tumble dry: Do not use a machine dryer.

Iron low heat: Regular ironing, steam or dry, can be used at low heat. Do not exceed 110 °C.

N.B. – Do not iron on print at all, unless you want it to come off… If possible, iron the garment upside down.

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