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We continually try and improve our existing categories to bring you unique kids clothes. It’s unlikely that you will find a category that is lame, however, we would appreciate your feedback. If you have any suggestion, we are all ears.

We are very open-minded when it comes to our brand. If you want to see a category not offered, feel free to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate every awesome person interested in our awesome kids clothes. We will probably do anything but send a monkey to the moon for you… Maybe we will even send that monkey, depending on how many items you are willing to buy from our humble store.

All our categories are designed in-house with one exception. We have decided to offer our clients a unique “premium” section. This section showcases actual artists from across South Africa. We have teamed up with some freelance artists to bring our clients a unique kids clothes section. Some items in this category will be limited editions. This is a category most likely suited for the artsy and posh.

Imagine how much style your kid will have if he/she has an impressive painting or art piece on their chest… Now that kid got style!

The artists showcased in this section are not necessarily clothing designers; most of them are well renowned and have art pieces on show in various art galleries. This is an amazing way to have unique kids clothes at an affordable rate. We only help the artists digitize their physical artworks. This is a growing section; if you are an artist and want to be featured, let us know.

Our novelty baby clothes section will be shut down eventually, if you want to get novelty baby onesies or novelty baby t-shirts, we suggest you start ordering soon… If we have enough interest, we might reinstate this section later.

We hope you enjoy browsing our kids’ clothes online categories. Have fun, we are convinced that you will find the perfect item… Unique kids clothes are often difficult to find, unless, you come to {Kid}GotStyle

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