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Cool Baby Onesies Online

Cool Baby Onesies Online

Our articles for the most part will be useless and make little sense. We do not have a professional or even remotely qualified copy writer. Our Articles are written by a guy who hardly passed English in high school. However, this should not stop you finding cool baby onesies online

So let’s try and make this article slightly more serious and factual. We recently researched the ever changing habits of South-African consumers. We made up a statistic that proves that at least 4/9 people have searched for cool baby onesies online. We suspect that the search term “Cool baby Onesie” will increase by at least 100% as soon as people start using our online kids clothing store.

On a serious note, we know you probably reached this page looking for cool baby onesies. We do feel it’s our responsibility to give you some actual figures related to online shopping in SA.

Actual facts about online shopping in South-Africa

  1. South-Africans spent 3.3 Billion shopping online in 2012, expected to grow to 4.4 Billion in 2013
  2. 91% of online shoppers in SA are “Highly Satisfied”
  3. Most online shoppers expect low cost delivery options
  4. The biggest concern shopping online is payment options and security.

South-African consumers are fairly comfortable with online transactions. A staggering 73.76% of South Africa’s online shoppers use the internet to perform sensitive banking transactions. One third of users even use mobile phones to perform banking activities. South-African’s are warming up to shopping online. Even though we are a third world country, we have decent payment gateways and safe and secure ways to pay online.

Our cool baby onesies are currently only available online. We hope to expand in the near future, but at the moment, we do not sell our items in stores. We have various methods of payment to ensure peace of mind for our customers. You can pay for your cool baby onesies using Payfast, or your own internet banking. Both our payment methods are super secure and safe. We do not expect you to provide us with any sensitive data. This is all handled by either your bank, or the payment gateway Payfast. This gives us the confidence that your sensitive data is safe and secure at all times.

A recent study has shown that as much as 84.33% of local online sales happen on South-African sites. This is a clear indication that we as a nation are starting to trust local online stores more. In the past, some consumers preferred buying from international sites. This is slowly but surely changing.

Getting cool baby onesies online is easy, convenient, hassle free and affordable. All our kids garments are 100% cotton and manufactured in Cape Town. We want our clients to experience nothing but the best possible service, with high quality couture as a bonus. Join the trend, start shopping for baby & kids clothing online.

If you buy enough cool baby onesies from our store, you might even qualify for free shipping. We offer free shipping anywhere in SA if you spend R500 or more. So keep adding items to your cart, it’s the right thing to do…

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