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Cool Bibs Online

Getting Cool Bibs Online

Get your cool baby bibs online that will make other parents green with jealousy! Why not get a cool bib straight from the runways in Milan? Our guess is because there aren’t any… Hey, but at least you can get really cool designs on quality fabric right here on {Kid}GotStyle

The incredible baby bib is something people often forget about when they start thinking about babies. When you expect your first baby, the first thing you start looking for is cute onesies and t-shirts. As important it is to have a stylish baby, is having a clean baby.

When you need to feed your kid a couple times a day, it’s much easier to reuse your stylish bib than changing wardrobe. Imagine changing your kiddies’ clothes several times a day… You will really have to buy a lot of garments from {Kid}GotStyle

Any parent will tell you, prevention is better than cure. Having a stylish bib can help keep you little prince or princess squeaky clean. A bib is basically a piece of plastic or cloth fastened around a baby’s neck. This prevents the babies kick ass onesie or t-shirt from getting dirty.

It’s super important to make sure your baby wears a comfortable bib. There is nothing like trying to enjoy a tub of purity with something scratching you in your neck. This is possible the worst situation in the world. This is why we use 100% cotton. Cotton is extremely soft and will even become softer with age.

The word bib has been around in the English language since 1580. It comes from the word bibben which means “to drink”. This is because, in the past, bibs were worn while drinking because they soaked up “spills”. We don’t think it was possible to buy bibs online back then, especially in South Africa.

We offer cool bibs online made from 100% cotton. We have a wide range of cute bibs that will make your baby look like a million dollars. Just another quick little fact, in some fancy restaurants, adults wear ugly bibs when they eat messy foods like lobster. Unfortunately for them, our awesome bibs are only for babies.

Our quality bibs are hand made in Cape Town. At {Kid}GotStyle, we strive to keep everything local. We haven’t seen bibs online that are as awesome as ours, best of all, it’s affordable.

We have a wide selection of bibs online. To find our range, please go to the “Browse by” menu item. This will narrow down your search to bibs only. Most of our items are unisex, however, you can narrow down your search to boys, or girls only. By the way, if this item is a gift, feel free to buy two, 5 cute onesies, and 4 toddler t-shirts

If you like our awesome bibs, please share this page with your friends, we know you don’t want to be the only parent with a stylish child… OK, maybe that’s not true, but at least we tried!

Let your baby eat in style!

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